Ivy M.

We purchased 60 cupcakes and a two-tier cake for our 160-person wedding. All the brides I asked told me to buy less servings than guests, because there would be leftovers. Cup Quequitos cupcakes and cake were so good, our guests ate ALL OF IT – haha!

Luckily, my husband and I got to try the flavors we purchased and more at the tasting. These cupcakes are incredible! It was recommended that we get a light, medium and dark-colored cupcake, so we chose lemon and rosemary, mole and pumpkin dos leches. The lemon and rosemary was my absolute favorite, but the pumpkin dos leches was so rich and indulgent – perfect for our fall wedding!

We also appreciated having Cup Quequitos come by to set up – she snuck in and out while no one was looking! All of a sudden we had a beautiful display. So easy to work with, as well. Thank you again!

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November 15, 2017

Kalyn R.

Absolutely LOVED having these cupcakes (and a small cake) for my wedding. So many delicious flavors to pick from and we got to try more than I could have expected! Love her cookie dough too!! Planning to use Cup Quequitos for my upcoming baby shower as well!

October 18, 2017

Veronica C.

Delicious cake and cupcakes! Appreciate the variety that came with the chef’s box every flavor was unique and tasty-well received by all our guests, would definitely order from again

Easy to communicate my needs and they responded speedily, thank you!

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May 23, 2017

Karyn R.

My wife and I ordered 3 types of these cupcakes for our wedding two weeks ago, instead of having a more traditional wedding cake. I could not be happier with our choice–it was a GREAT one! We had a taste testing about 2 months before the wedding and picked out our favorites. The Lemon Blueberry & Coconut Tres Leches were both AMAZING!! Shanali was always easy to get a hold of, let us change our minds last minute about what flavors we wanted, and even came to our venue and set up the cupcake tower with all 140 cupcakes the day of the wedding. She even made a few gluten-free for our guests who are gluten intolerant. Everyone loved them and asked where we got them! Even my dad who “hates” vegan food, had no idea they were vegan and ate three! Would definitely order again. A great alternative to having a huge wedding cake. What’s truly great is that cupcakes are easy for guests to take home if you have left overs!

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April 5, 2017

Yocelyn G.

Coworkers surprised me with these lovely vegan cupcakes! Was skeptical about them being vegan when I first took a bite out of the toasted coco s’more it was so delicious.

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February 23, 2017

Andrea W.

Oh my goodness! I bought two cupcakes, a chocolate with chocolate ganash and cherries on top and coconut something or other (sorry I forgot)! Both were yummy, soft all throughout and especially not dry! The Coconut cupcake had a whipped cream frosting, one of my all-time fave icings. It was thick but light! It tasted like there may have been a liquor flavoring with what seemed to be a pudding center? My favorite was the Chocolate! The ganash was soft and thick and surprisingly soft but perfect and it was just so chocolatey! I could eat one every day! And who knew they were in Cafe Poca Cosa. Order custom or drop in, in the style of Cafe Poca Cosa and see what’s on hand!

Andrea W.
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January 24, 2017

Monique Q.

Soooooo good. Unique combinations of pure innovation & deliciousness. Chocolate mole one is the best.

via Yelp
January 14, 2017

A look at the dessert options served at Cup Quequitos, which is located inside Cafe Poca Cosa. Cup Quequitos serves vegan cupcakes in 134 different flavors.


Cup Quequitos: Vegan cupcakes that actually taste good

Jesus Barrera | The Daily Wildcat
Published Aug 30, 2016

On the corner of East Pennington Street and Sixth Avenue inside Cafe Poca Cosa lies one of the best places to get cake in Tucson—Cup Quequitos, a vegan cupcake paradise, owned and baked by Shanali Davila.

With no storefront of its own, you may question if you are even in the right place when you walk through, but getting a cupcake is as easy as asking the hostess, who will delectably describe each of the cupcakes of the day you can purchase.

"[One night,] a regular customer asked me to make non-dairy dessert for them because they had an allergy," Davila said. "It then exploded into more non-dairy desserts. I also thought that there was a need for more non-dairy desserts for people with the allergy."

This led Davila to take it one step further and go full vegan with her cupcake concepts.

Customers can also choose from soy-free and gluten-free options for a small extra fee when they order cupcakes on Cup Quequitos’ website.

Coming in a wide variety of flavors, Cup Quequitos offers something different from the average bakery.

You’d be hard-pressed to find many cupcake places in town that can offer taste experiences similar to those present in Quequitos’ Choco Cinn Mole, Mango Dos Leches and Choco Lavender Almond cupcakes.

Beyond the taste factor, each cupcake’s visual design is simple and well-crafted. The quality of the cupcake designs almost makes you feel bad for eating them.

"The flavor just pops into my head," Davila said. "They usually start as food and I try to see if I can turn it into a cake."

Davila also cites her mother, Suzana, the owner/chef of Cafe Poca Cosa, as a big inspiration.

Cup Quequitos boasts 134 different cupcakes available for order online, and the bakery will cater a variety of occassions.

Since Cup Quequitos has no storefront home, the bakery relies heavily on word of mouth and social media for promoting the business.

"Customers who eat here often or people who walk in while doing stuff in the area tell other people," Davila said.

Find Cup Quequitos on Twitter and Facebook, and stop in for a pretty Tucson cupcake experience.

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