Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vegan Cupcake?

Unlike traditional cupcakes that may use eggs, butter, and/or milk, my vegan cupcakes contain no egg, dairy, or other animal-derived ingredients. I also have gluten-free options available.

Where can I get my Cup Quequitos?
Cafe Poca Cosa
I am working diligently on finding the perfect location for my store front. But until then, the Cup Quequitos are sold out of the Cafe Poca Cosa restaurant at 110 E. Pennington Street, Tucson, AZ 85701 on the following days: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am – 9pm. Please keep in mind, there is a limited daily supply and when they are gone, they are finito (at least for the day)! Orders are strongly encouraged by 12pm the day prior! Sign up for my weekly newsletter for the available flavors of the week.
How do I order my Cup Quequitos?

Here on the CQ website! Or you can call in your order to 520.444.0314. Orders placed before noon the day prior will be available for pick-up after 11am the following day. Orders placed after 12pm the day prior will be ready for pick-up after 2pm the following day. Advanced orders are very much appreciated.

Order Size
Tucson Cupcakes Chef's choice
Minimum order size is a Half dozen of 1 (one) flavor or Chef’s choice (whatever the chef has on hand). You can pick up to 2 (two) flavors, per 1 (one) dozen.
Cancellation Policy

When you place an advance order with CQ, I give your order special priority and consideration in my day’s business routine. Some custom orders may require hand-made decorations that have to be prepared a few days in advance to set properly. For this reason, we require that ALL CANCELLATIONS must be received 48 HOURS PRIOR to your pick-up date to avoid a cancellation fee. A cancellation fee equal to a minimum of 50% of your total order may be assessed if your cancellation is not made with proper notice. Orders that are not picked up and are not cancelled in person or by phone will be charged the full price of the order and not re-made. Any fondant work will be assessed the full price, since it is a custom order.

**Please note that the cancellation policy for weddings and other major orders are outlined in the contract for the event**

Do you Deliver?
Tucson Cup Quequitos cupcake delivery
Why, yes, we do! For a small fee, I am available to deliver locally after 2pm most days. Minimum order for delivery is 3 (three) dozen. Please check my availability calendar or call me for availability and other delivery options.

I’m still working on shipping. Airline shipping requires a great deal of volume and I’m not there quite yet. Shipping will not be available during Tucson’s summer months… and no, that doesn’t mean all year! 🙂

Do you Cater Weddings?
Tucson wedding cakes vegan
I do, I do, I do! For a consultation fee of $25, we will meet at Cafe Poca Cosa, where I will offer a variety of cupcake flavors for you to try. You can choose between a traditional tiered wedding cake in your choice of style or a cupcake tower, or both. If you choose to book with me, the consultation fee will be waived once a contract has been signed and the deposit is made. A 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of signing.
Do you do other Catering and Special Events?

CQ would love to be a part of your special occasion! Business meetings, birthdays, baby showers, quinceañera, and anything else you can boot scoot boogie, too!

Major Food Allergens

All cupcakes (except for gluten-free) contain wheat and soy and may contain coconut, peanuts, tree nuts, and other ingredients known to cause allergic reactions.