About Cup Quequitos

Find out about how my love for cooking and baking turned into the magic that is Tucson’s favorite gourmet and vegan cupcakes,
Cup Quequitos!

—Chef Shanali Davila

Born to Bake

The love for cooking and baking is definitely in my blood. My mother, Suzana Davila, is a second generation chef and is the chef/owner of world renowned restaurant, Cafe Poca Cosa, in Tucson, Arizona.

After many years as my mother’s prodigy I found my true passion as a pastry chef for the restaurant, where I have been for the past 11 years. Gourmet cheesecakes, chocolate mousse, flourless chocolate soufflé, and flan are what I am known for. So, you could say I was born to bake!

The Birth of Cup Quequitos

My creative juices really started flowing when a customer from the restaurant came to me in early summer, 2010 begging for a non-dairy dessert. Later that summer, while vacationing in San Francisco, my mother and I were overwhelmed with all the cupcake store fronts. I thought about that customer and knew it was very possible to make cupcakes non-dairy. Our plane ride back was full of “what ifs” and “wouldn’t that be cool!” We jotted down several name possibilities on the airline napkin and stopped dead in our tracks when the words Cup Quequitos were written, which is a Spanish play on the words “little cakes.”

I figured since I was going the gourmet non-dairy route that going vegan was even better! I had been playing around with a vegan cake recipe for years and was more motivated than ever to perfect it. And, since it’s not in my blood to go small, I went big and came up with over 70 different flavor combinations in my first year. Go big or go home!

Now, for all of you non-vegans out there… Don’t be fooled by the vegan name. These cupcakes will have your head spinning and have you begging for more! But, don’t take my word for it, try for yourself or check out the reviews. You will find that once you go Vegan (cupcake), you’ll never go back!

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Cup Quequitos

Cup Quequitos makes over 100 gourmet vegan flavors. Like, Lavender Rose, Coconut Mojito, Cardamom Orange, Red Velvet made with fresh beet juice, and the signature ChocoCinn Mole, just to name a few. And a few, not vegan. Like the very popular Apple Maple Bacon! Yes, bacon! AND most work as Gluten Free, Vegan! *Cup Quequitos works out of the big Cafe Poca Cosa. I do not have a store front, but orders are gladly taken Monday-Saturday. Orders must be placed by 12noon, the day prior.* Cup Quequitos are featured at the big Cafe Poca Cosa, 110 E Pennington St, Tucson. Please call or order ahead, to have your order ready. CPC carries a limited daily stock. Half Dozen $18.00, pick up only. Dozens are $36.00 plus tax. Two flavors per dozen, or leave it up to me, and have a combo of the daily flavors! Delivery for UofA and Downtown. I DO: Call to set up a wedding consultation!
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See ya in a month!!
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Who says pumpkin is only for fall?

Pumpkin Dos Leches, in da houze, today!

Heading in to the final stretch! One More Week!
Summer Vacation from July 16th-August 17th!!
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Let us #celebrate this #ArizonaHeat (115), with some #vegan #sprinkles and vegan #cupcakes! Yea, let's! #vanilla #almond #CupQuequitos #Tucson #downton
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This girl! She's going places, and is going to be somebody!!
Amazing disposition, total goofball, and the little sparkles in my eyes!
Happy 16th birthday, Dela!! I love you! ❤️❤️ #AndelasSweetSixteen #FutureCriminalForensicAnthropologist